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Caring K9 Institute

Professional Positive Reinforcement Training and Education

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Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 11 am

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Building on the existing relationships between owners and their dogs the Caring K-9 Institute trains people on how to develop their dog’s skills and provides an opportunity and outlet for a K-9 team to be of service to different groups of vulnerable populations who could benefit from positive interactions with a fun-loving, patient and friendly dog and their human. The training is offered in various modalities including classroom settings, outdoor adventure challenges, public locations and basic internet course work and e-training. We welcome dogs and people of all shapes and sizes and know that each dog can bring a different skill set to therapeutic interactions. Though not all dogs may have the right temperament for therapy work, we believe ALL BREEDS have the potential to become therapy dogs.​


Different Dogs, Different Needs, Different Programs

Whether you prefer group classes, one-on-one training or online distance training we can help you build the best relationship you can possibly have with your furry friend.

Featured Dog of the Week: Jazz

UHNBC Pediatrics Dog

Write Up from Hayden's Mom: We visit Prince George for our semi-annual visit with the BC Children's Hospital visiting clinic hosted by University Hospital of Northern British Columbia. Hayden has Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1. His treatment plan involves an IV infusion every 6 months . Hayden has been receiving these treatments since he was three years old ... he is now seven. One of the best things is Therapy Dog Jazz owned by Sandra. Not only is Jazz a good distraction for Hayden while he's getting the IV started, Jazz is a great companion during the infusion itself. Between Sandra and Jazz each appointment has gotten better. They're both always very happy to see Hayden, and likewise Hayden is happy to see them. In Hayden's own words he says "Jazz makes my heart feel happy." As a parent knowing every 6 months we will gear up for this appointment ... my anxiety is lessened each time knowing that Sandra and Jazz will be there. We cannot imagine an appointment without either of them.❤ 

Faerietale Boutique Feature

One of our past student teams, Hannah and Lola, are creating some beautiful artistic hand crafted miniatures of dogs!  Hannah does the art work, Lola provides inspiration. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these hand made figurines you can go to the link below. The cost is $25 and Hannah takes breed requests.