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Owner Trained Service Dog Teams

The bond between a service dog and their owner is like none other. The opportunity to build the relationship between you and your chosen furry companion from inception right through to becoming a working team creates a trust and confidence that can't be beat.

This process is intensive, time consuming and SO rewarding.

The training has many components and involves one on one classroom or Skype work, daily training sessions with your dog, foundational skills, public access requirements, specialized training based on the required support the Service Dog will be providing.  

This is an Owner-Trained Model and we assist with preparing you for the Provincial Public Access Test.

***The Justice Institute in Burnaby, BC administers and grants all Service Dog licences***

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Emotional Support Dog Teams

Emotional Support Animals can be a lifeline for people suffering from a variety of emotional or mental illnesses.

Having your best furry friend become your Emotional Support Dog can be truly remarkable.  

This program will create a foundation for a powerful connection between the Handler and their dog allowing for empowerment and self efficacy.

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